About The New Life Trust

Mahatmaji Philosophical inspiration “The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others” which was ignited in our mind. And human society needs more services especially for poor children, matured people, forsaken people and socially neglected area like underprivileged tribal and leprosy patients.

People in these regions are isolated from their basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, medical and health services etc.
Illiteracy has further added damage to their wounds as well to their economic and social backwardness.
New Life Trust is a Registered Non-Governmental Non-Profitable Organization with a single motto “Lending a Helping Hand to the Needy” focuses on enlightening the lives of neglected section of community.

New life Trust located in Chengalpattu around 60 kms away from Chennai.


To promote Education for the children of poor, needy, downtrodden and neglected families and from nearby villages.

To eradicate poverty by promoting Income Generating Activity(IGA) among the needy, contributes towards their sustainable development.

The New Life Trust with the help of local donor initially involved in social activities in chengalpattu and nearby areas by giving education to the children of Poor, Needy, Downtrodden Children.